Laser Engraved Fluorescent Red / Pink Conference and Event Badges




Laser Engraved Fluorescent Red / Pink Conference and Event Badges

Pricing = Flat Rate Rectangular shape, typically a 3″ x 5″ badge in either portrait or landscape, for most small changes there are no extra fees. Any other shape is possible at extra costs, depending on size, shape and amount of engraving. Any other color acrylic is possible at the same price, some colors are subject to minimum orders of 250 and may require extra time to order.

50 Badges = $300 ($6 each)
100 Badges = $550 ($5.50 each)
250 Badges = $1250 ($5 each)
We can send a custom invoice for any other amount of badges. Minimum order is 50 units.

All badges are high resolution engraving! Material is locally sourced in the USA using high end American made machines. We are a small family owned and operated business and take great pride in our work! 


Size 3 x 5 inches. Larger or smaller sizes are possible, mostly with no extra fee, contact us for more details and custom pricing.
Material Acrylic
Color Red / Pink (color changes according to light, angle and background)
Finish N/A
Thickness 1/8″ (or 3mm)
Resolution High resolution! 600dpi. We can engrave at a resolution of 150-1200dpi. The lower the resolution the quicker it is, however we tend to never go under 300dpi. If quality does not matter we can lower it to 300 and save some time and money. If you need the highest resolution we can engrave at 1200 dpi (although our machine produces 600dpi with amazing results).
Engraving Engraving creates a white frosted etching which illuminates from certain angles.


Sample Gallery: The following images are all the same color, they have a wide range of colors depending on the angle, light and background.

laser-engraved-conference-badges14 laser-engraved-conference-badges13 laser-engraved-conference-badges12 laser-engraved-conference-badges11 laser-engraved-conference-badges10 laser-engraved-conference-badges9 laser-engraved-conference-badges8 laser-engraved-conference-badges7 laser-engraved-conference-badges6 laser-engraved-conference-badges4 laser-engraved-conference-badges3 laser-engraved-conference-badges2 laser-engraved-conference-badges

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1 UNIT, 50 UNITS, 100 UNITS, 250 UNITS, 500 UNITS, 1000 UNITS

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