Laser Engraved Fluorescent & Neon Acrylic Business Cards


Laser Engraved Fluorescent / Neon Acrylic Business Cards. The thickness is of acrylic 1/8″ (3mm).  Colors we have available are Red/Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green. We can do combination of different colors if requested. As neon acrylic has a higher cost for us, we require a minimum order of one sheet or 50 cards.

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Laser Engraved Fluorescent & Neon Acrylic Business Cards

We offer an always increasing amount of products, one of our newest additions are Laser Engraved Fluorescent & Neon Acrylic Business Cards. Colors available are RED/PINK (note: red and pink is the same acrylic, just different light/background), YELLOW/ORANGE, GREEN and BLUE. See Gallery below for samples of colors.

Price List for Laser Engraved Fluorescent & Neon Acrylic Business Cards

50 Cards – $150 $125 ($3 each)

100 Cards –  $250 ($2.50 each)

250 Cards – $500 – ($2 each)

All cards are single sided engraving. No color printing available. Some exceptions and restrictions may apply, please contact us first if you have any questions. Custom shapes and sizes will have varying prices. Price based on a standard US or European size.


Price is for 50 cards and includes design and modification services. Cards come in a custom made laser cut box with your logo engraved on it (or anything else you would like to engrave on the box) Before we ship we make sure you love the result.

Custom made Laser Engraved and Laser Cut Business as a way to stand out in any business situation. It is the type of card you do not need many of. They are great as a gift for a recent college graduate to land the perfect job (trust us, he/she will stand out in any job interview). Bamboo is perfect to promote an Organic product. Walnut for a quality wood working professional. No matter what your trade is there is a business card for you. We can also cut any shape, you are not restricted to the traditional 3.5″ x 2″ business card format and in many cases we do not charge extra for custom cut shapes. If you sell guitars we can cut the shape of a pick or even a fender for you. If your business is in the pet industry we can cut it into the shape of an animal. These are simple examples, what we want to do is to push you to think of the most creative card you can possibly come up with. We can laser cut a wide variety of materials such as acrylic, many wood types, card-stock / cardboard and fabrics. We have options where we can just the cut materials for you to assemble or deliver a finished product exactly to your specifications. Our laser produces extremely high resolution engraving and can cut almost any material in any shape up to approximately 1/4″ or 6mm. (some materials such as glass or metal are possible to engrave on but we are not able to cut on our machine, we would need to order pre-cut shapes which generally cost a bit extra).

Some answers to our frequently asked questions are:
1. File types needed are vector files. We can engrave from an image, however to keep the highest resolution a vector file is the best option.

2. We can cut any shape you can think of on a 2D plane. It can be as complicated as you like. Please do remember that cutting a circle within a circle is not an option. For example the letter O is seen by the laser as two circles (one inside the other) so laser cutting the exterior circle for the O will cut out the entire shape leaving a hole. So every that is inside of a closed curve will be discarded. If you have details inside of that closed O shape will not be on the finished shape. To many this is probably obvious but it is frequently and easily overlooked when designing.

3. Think of laser engraving in in terms of solid black an white for best results. Black is engraving and white is where the material. We can do gradients, however these generally take far longer which will cost more. In addition the results can vary greatly from design to design, some might be worth the extra time, but many turn out too faded.

4. Remember that laser engraving is not printing. The laser is a directed heat source that burns / etches away a layer of material (since it is not printing, it cannot engrave colors – we will add this option soon as we receive requests very often, but not available at the moment). We can change settings to where it burns a deeper layer of material often resulting in a darker engraving or where it burns a more shallow layer. Again, depending on design, one may work better than the other. We will try to post examples illustrating this.

5. Price depends on time, the more detail means the longer it will take. The base price is material, where birch and acrylic are readily available at reasonable costs and give relatively consistent results. Bamboo depends on supplier and unfortunately is hard to find from US suppliers (all of our wood comes from local or domestic suppliers). Other woods such as walnut, cherry, maple and a long list of other woods are available upon custom order. To save costs we accept that you ship your choice of wood directly to us. Pleas contact us before doing this.

6. Minimum order is one box of 50 Business Cards – UPDATE: due to frequent requests, we can do single test / sample card, however, we will have to charge a setup fee of $35 (which is free for regular orders and the $35 can be counted towards placing an order if you like the result). If you just want one card as a sample we have to change the setup fee. If you like the card and want to place an order then the set up fee will count towards your order (you will get a $35 discount for the order). We do this as setting up files for laser cutting can be very time consuming and require a number of steps to get a high quality result.

7. All materials are made, bought and grown in the USA unless specified. We only buy from local wood suppliers unless wood types are not available and we will purchase from a supplier elsewhere in the United States. We make sure all wood comes from sustainable forestry and do not use or accept endangered / exotic wood species. In addition we make sure all woods we buy have not been processed with harmful chemicals. Some cheaper wood may contain formaldehyde and other chemicals. Keep in mind that if you buy materials for us to engrave and cut that they come from reliable suppliers / sources.

Examples & Inspiration Gallery:

The examples below will try to demonstrate the color of the cards for the best indication of color. They are naturally fluorescent in regular light, these photos have been taken without a black light (as many have assumed as they are very bright). The color of each card changes slightly in different light and with different backgrounds (making it quite complicated to get perfect images taken). Here are a series of examples to give you the best idea.


Green Fluorescent / Neon Acrylic:

Laser Engraved fluorescent Green Acrylic Business Cards are the best selling cards and are possibly the most vibrant / light acrylic type we have. The engraving shines through very bright and vivid to give an amazing effect of your logo or text.


Fluorescent green is an extremely bright and vivid color. In the image above you can see how bright it is in an underexposed photo. As mentioned before all images shown here of the fluorescent / neon acrylic is taken in regular light. You do not need a black light to achieve the fluorescent colors, they are present in just about any lighting conditions with a lot of varying effects.


The image above is again of an underexposed photo to show the bright colors without blowing out the text’s visibility too much. In reality the acrylic is far brighter and more crisp in color and effect.


The color ranges to a near fluorescent yellow color with a brighter background.


Blue Fluorescent / Neon Acrylic:

Laser Engraved fluorescent Blue Acrylic Business Cards are a more recent addition that look far less fluorescent than the other colors. They do have an amazing color that stands out brightly, giving it an elegant and professional look.


Below is the same card in different lighting. The color ranges from dark to light blue with bright blue edges when seen from the side.


Yellow & Orange Fluorescent / Neon Acrylic:

Laser Engraved Fluorescent Yellow / Orange Acrylic Business Cards are one of the most dynamic options when it comes to color. It has a gradient from green to orange, depending on the background and lighting.


This image above shows that with darker backgrounds this acrylic is almost a fluorescent green, however it keeps its yellow color in the engraved parts.




The image above is a close representation of what it look like with a lighter background, a stainless steel table top in this example.


The image above shows how the colors are almost orange from other angles.

Red / Pink (images are of the same material, they are multi colored) Fluorescent Neon Acrylic:

Laser Engraved fluorescent Red and Pink Acrylic Business Cards are the same card in different light / different background. All fluorescent / neon acrylic has an array of color variations from different angles making it one of our more popular options. The text is not extremely clear in all of the images, unfortunately exposing the text and getting the correct color for these cards is complicated. In person the text is far more clear and sharp.


Pink is shown with a lighter background and Red is with a darker background. Both are the same card, just taken with different lighting and backgrounds. Both are not the best images, unfortunately the dynamic range of my DSLR camera is unable to pick up the color properly and expose the text properly.


The image above shows a representation of the color, however not an accurate representation of the text.





Gallery of Work:




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