Laser Engraved Fluorescent Blue Acrylic Event Badges – 3″ x 5″


Please contact us for customized quotes. We have introduced a flat rate for 3×5 inch badges at 100 units for $500. We are always willing to test a design and offer advice. Please include an approximate budget, number of badges / invitations needed as well as a design file. Without a design file we cannot give you an accurate test or quote. The estimated cost is around $5 each. We do offer design service, however, we have limited time and usually a week or two waiting period. The turnaround for producing 100 badges is approximately 1 week. Contact us today for a free sample, in some cases we do need to charge for shipping (overnight / international).


Laser Engraved Fluorescent Blue Acrylic Event Badges – 3″ x 5″ – The size of the standard badges are 3″ x 5″ and can feature any shape or size hole for attachment. Any shape or size is possible besides the 3″ x 5″ (see other products as well), prices depend on material and time per unit, not quantity as one design can greatly vary from another in terms of time involved. Once we have a design from you, or if we are commissioned to design your badge, we test to see how much time each one takes and multiply it by the total amount to give you an accurate quote. The price for 100 units in 3 x 5 inches is $500.


fluorescent-blue-acrylic-badge neon-blue-acrylic-badgeblue-acrylic-neon-badge-2

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