Laser Engraved Business Card Stamp




Create any business card as a stamp, easily and effortlessly print your business cards on just about any material, including but not limited to card stock, wood, acrylic, metal, stone, leather and fabrics. Besides business cards, we also use the stamps for printing our business contact information on certain products we make, such as packaging, shipping boxes, labels and much more. Any size is possible, although up to 12″ x 12″ is the largest we have in stock, we can order larger sizes as well. There is a lot of freedom with design and very high resolution is possible. In the example we used paint in stead of ink giving it a thickness, if you prefer something finer an ink pad would work perfectly as well. We love the rough textured look and feel of thicker paints or inks. Also see our wedding invitation stamps for a creative approach for wedding invitations on a budget.

laser-cut-stamp-business-card laser-engraved-business-card-stamp

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