Design & Prototyping Services

We provide a wide range of design services, ranging from architectural design, model making and rendering to product design and prototyping on various scales. With the help of several types cnc machines we are able to digitally prototype designs as well as make the designs as a physical objects to show our clients. We have laser cutters that have the ability to cut a wide range of materials (wood, plastics, paper, leather, etc). We own a large format cnc router that can cut various materials up to 4ft x 8ft with the possibility of 2.5D milling. Our third machine is a 3D printer making intricate design and prototyping of physical models a possibility. The combination of experience in architectural / product design and digital fabrication gives us a huge range to make designs a reality.

Architectural Rendering

LCL is run by two architects, with the combined experience of nearly two decades in architectural design and rendering. We  own several copies of various architectural software and image editing software making it possible to seamlessly import your models for maximum compatibility with software used by firms, whether it is imported from Google Sketchup, Rhino 3D, Revit, ect. For more information on rendering services

Architectural Model Making


Architectural Design