We offer high precision CNC Machining with our CNC Router


What is CNC Router and what can it do?

For those who are relatively unfamiliar with CNC Machining or those who have heard of it here is a very basic and quick explanation. CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control”, in fact all our machines are CNC Machines, from the 3D Printers, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, small mill, large router, etc. What that means is that we communicate with our machines through a computer (using specialized “CAM” software) telling the machines to go to specific coordinates. In fact the only difference between all our machines (besides size) is the attachment that does the cutting, the mechanics are all the same, simply put they are motors that can move an attachment left and right, forward and backward and up and down. With the CNC Router the attachment is a router or spindle which cuts using a router bit spinning at between 10,000-21,000 rpm. The machine moves the router according to the pattern we communicated to it and cuts it out. In this way we can cut out just about anything you can think of, this does not have to bu a straight cut, it can be a pocket cut or even a full 3d artwork. THe design freedom and the capabilities for CNC Routing are nearly endless, just about any shape you can think of can be cut out (with few limitations), not only cut out, but cut out with incredible accuracy.